Box Tops for Education is a very profitable program for Brecknock PTO. Our school received over $2,300 for the Box Tops collected by our students last year!! We submit Box Tops twice per school year; in November and again in March, but we collect them constantly so it's never too late to send them in!

Please look over the items you buy at the grocery store and see is if there is a box top on the packaging. At some stores (Wal-Mart, Sam's Club) you can even buy packages with bonus box tops!

Because we pay shipping on our box top weight, we ask that you cut the box top out on the dotted line. This helps our dedicated volunteers in their process of counting, trimming, and submitting our box tops for Brecknock Elementary. Although the Box Tops website has printable forms for attaching them, and some cereal boxes have panels you can glue the Box Tops to, we ask that you do not do this because of the shipping. Thanks!
By registering on the Box Tops website (it's FREE!) you have access to coupons for participating products every month, can help us enter bonus sweepstakes offers, see how much we're earning, and more. (When selecting Brecknock Elementary, please note that our ZIP code is 19607 for the district office address, not 19540.)

Click on the image below to get started!