$2700 EARNED Last year!!!
Giant's A+ Rewards Program"The Simplest School Fundraiser Ever!"Giant offers the A+ School Rewards program to local schools and customers. With the A+ School Rewards program, our school earns CASH each time you shop at any GIANT store using your BONUSCARD.
Participation in the program is simple! Re-designation is required for all BONUSCARD holders who designated their cards to a school last year.

Each time you shop at GIANT using your BONUSCARD between
October 7, 2012 and March 30, 2013,
Brecknock Elementary School will earn credit for 1% of your total purchases. At the end of the program, our school will be awarded a check for the total amount earned through participation in the program. You can track the amount of money donated by checking the bottom of your grocery receipt each time you shop.

Sign up using any of the following methods:
Complete a School Designation Form by filling in your BONUSCARD number and the School ID code, 04234. The forms are available at Giant's Customer Service Counter.

click on Giant to go to Giant's website and designate Brecknock school there.

Email or give your name and BONUSCARD number to the Brecknock PTO and we'll take care of signing you up. Use the link at the bottom of the page for email.

The School ID for Brecknock
School is 04234.

This program is being conducted at all of Giant's 54 grocery stores, so if you have relatives or friends that shop at any of Giant's other locations, encourage them to sign up and to designate our school in this program. You can track our school's success by visiting Results will be posted monthly starting at the beginning of November.

Remember, even if you signed up for the A+ School Rewards program last year, you must sign up again this year in order to earn cash for our school.

Don't forget that the Giant Gift cards are available year round, and also provide much needed money for the PTO.

Please direct any questions regarding Brecknock’s participation in Giant's A+ Rewards program to: