We participate in the Save-A-Tape Program at Redner's

Brecknock Elementary gets 1% of the Save-A-Tape Receipts. Please participate to help earn our school money.

  1. Go to customer service and get a Save-A-Tape Card. It is the same card that is used for the Gas Pump Program. It has a picture of a gas pump on it, but it is also used as a save-a-tape card.
  2. Just swipe the card EACH time you make a purchase at Redner's.
  3. Turn in the receipt at school. The receipt must have the save-a-tape block printed at the bottom of the receipt, or we can't use it.

This is the Redner's Save-A-Tape Receipt! Please take note of the "SAVE-A-TAPE" printing at the bottom of the receipt. If this is not printed on your receipt, we cannot use the receipt. It will only be printed if you swipe the Save-A-Tape card at check-out.